The Northern Healey Centre... who are we?

The driving force behind the Northern Healey Centre, Paul Grogan, started work on modifying motorbike frames for fast road use. This was the starting point for the work with jigs and tooling and gaining experience from some of the top national and international manufacturers and racing teams. He went on to work on maintaining and modifying petrol and chemical tankers for an international HGV company. Subsequently, he worked for nine years manufacturing testing and installing hydraulic equipment for the mining industry. In 1989 With such a background in manufacturing, Northern Healey Centre started to re-make the steering boxes and idlers for the conversion of cars imported from the USA during 1989.

The Northern Healey Centre were featured in the DVD "Project Healey 3000". This DVD provides a unique account of our nut and bolt restoration of a 1966 Austin Healey 3000 mark III, from the recovery of the scrap Austin Healey and through the painstaking restoration to the finished product, an immaculate car which won the 1993 International Healey Weekend Award.

We have also been a respected manufacturer of engine and gearbox parts for many years, producing items from thrust washers to selector shafts at our Castleford workshop.

In 2001, in collaboration with Joseph Rhodes, a manufacturer of press tools for the automotive industry, NHC made press tooling for Austin Healey wings. With the installation of our DualForm press we are now also manufacturing a large number of Austin Healey chassis and Austin Healey bodyshell components on site. These items are pressed on our own custom made tooling, perfected with the benefit of two decades of experience in the actual use and fitting of the end product. This means that we can ensure the quality of your Austin Healey from component level up.

Engineers and mechanics have difficulty being economical with the truth, that is why we do not employ salesmen or middlemen. If you are looking for bulls**t then you will find it in a farmyard!

Please feel free to contact us here at The Northern Healey Centre if you wish to discuss your car, we will be pleased to advise and help you with any parts or components for your restoration.

The Northern Healey Centre is an Austin Healey Club approved valuer, meaning our valuations are readily accepted by all major insurance companies.

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