We have over 20 years experience in Concours standard restoration

The Northern Healey Centre has been successfully working on Austin Healey Restorations for more than 20 years. Several of our Healey 3000 restorations have been Concours winning cars.

We have also purpose built Austin Healey cars, restored Big Healeys and many Austin Healey rally cars for competition use. We are always aware that most people will say "I do not want a Concours car" however the fact remains that every enthusiast desires high quality work. Our capabilities range from repairing minor damage to a detailed nut and bolt rebuild.

The Northern Healey Centre has built a reputation for high quality restoration. Our most recent winning build is the Colorado Red Austin Healey BJ8 owned by Bill Donaldson featured on our homepage. Since its completion in 2010 it has won two National Concours awards, the 2010 International Healey Weekend's Autoglym Invitational trophy and the 2011 Meguiar’s concours showcase in the Classic Motor Show at the Birmingham NEC. This car was built using a Northern Healey Centre chassis and inner bodyshell

Bill Donaldson's Concours winning Austin Healey BJ8



  • Midlands (100/6)
  • Lakes (100/M)
  • IHW (3000 Mod)
1993 1994 1995
  • Lakes (3000 MkIII)
  • IHW (3000 MkIII)
  • IHW (100/M)
  • IHW (3000 MkIII)
  • Le Jog (3000 MkI)
  • Yorkshire (100/M)
2006 2010 2011
  • Tatton Park (3000 MkI)
  • National (3000 MkIII)
  • IHW (3000 MkIII)
  • Autoglym Invitational (3000 MkIII)
  • National (3000 MkIII)
  • Meguiars Showcase - NEC (3000 MkIII)
  • Tatton Park (3000 MkIII)