Our Austin Healey chassis and bodyshells are hand built.

Our policy is to follow the original method of manufacture throughout the production of component parts and their assembly to full chassis. The full length chassis rail halves have been formed on a 600 tonne press using our own solid steel tooling which accurately forms the sharp detail producing a high quality part. Each chassis rail is assembled from two full length pressed rail halves which are then aligned and welded together along the seams on the top and bottom of the rails as per the original manufacture.

A finished Austin Healey Chassis on our jig

The completed chassis is blasted using a low pressure high volume steel shot to provide a key on the surface of the metal for the application of zinc. The zinc is solid metal, powdered to a micron particle size, suspended in a two pack paint material. The amount of zinc applied to each chassis is approximately 3kg. The original use of this product is for the protection of the steel used on oil production platforms in the North Sea. The zinc is effective at a coating of 20 microns and it has a cathodic effect.

This means that if the surface material is scratched or chipped to the base metal, then the chemical bond of the zinc to the metal will not permit surface rust to travel under the surface of the primer, so any damage is contained to that point.

Each of our Healey chassis and Healey Bodyshells are hand built with quality and attention to detail our priority. Every chassis and bodyshell is individually numbered and supplied with a certificate to confirm that your new chassis is an authentic British manufactured product.