We have been supplying Austin Healey parts for over 20 years.

Our online catalogue is currently in the process of being updated. We will have it back up and running with the latest prices as soon as possible

Two decades of practical experience in restoration and service work means we know exactly what each bit does and where it goes, so when you buy parts from us we can give you any advice you need on the best way to fit and maintain your product.

New to the market!

Inner and outer bodyshell panels are now available. These panels have been pressed in house on our own Dualform press, using tooling constructed with the benefit of our experience and knowledge on the correct fit of each panel. This means that we can guarantee that our parts will fit your car far better than anything currently available on the market.

These parts are only available direct from the Northern Healey Centre.

The Northern Healey Centre manufactures a large amount of chassis, bodyshell, engine and gearbox parts in house. Key chassis and bodyshell components are exclusively pressed for our Austin Healey chassis and bodyshells.

All prices are excluding VAT, currently charged at 20%

Payments by credit card are subject to a handling charge of 2% (minimum charge £1.50). Payments by debit card do not incur any fee. Cash and cheque payments also accepted

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